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About Us

Learn the basics of exercise to enhance your ability to perform the Activities of Daily Living. Taught by Certified Personal Trainers in a clean and efficient studio, conveniently located in Cocoa, FL, near the Cocoa Library.
Our staff is highly motivated to guide you through the basics of mild cardio and light resistance exercises using modern techniques and equipment.
A full body analysis will be performed giving each participant their Body Mass Index, muscle percentage, fat percentage, body age, and resting metabolism.
Classes will consist of a light warmup, body-weight and stretching exercises.
Individuals who are looking for a little bit more can expect light to moderate resistance exercises as well as cardiorespiratory exercises.
Class size is limited to six individuals per trainer to provide more personalized instruction. Cost is $10 per person for one hour of instruction. We also offer one-on-one training by appointment only. Ask about our introductory offer.


  • Group fitness for adults
  • Help with weight loss/management
  • Strength training for adults
  • One-on-one personal training


Studio at 467 Forrest Ave, Cocoa
Studio at 467 Forrest Ave, Cocoa
Steve, Tracy, and Dawn after the Jacksonville 2018 Gate River Run 15K Race
Steve finishing a 5K race at Manatee Elementary in Viera
Staff members Jacque & Steve
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